Let's get ready to bundle!!


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Oct 30, 2004
Another attempt at some humor....... Anyway a couple of great bundles of folders for your consideration.

USA only, No Trades. Please use the PM feature for any questions or comments.
First bundle up is 6 all new in box knives that need a new home.
Sometimes I just buy a knife to see what it looks like. then I put it back and set it aside. I know, it is a disease.
If there would be a brick and mortar store near me I could save a ton of money. Who am I kidding.
Anyway all 6 for $105.00 all in, total to your door. A screaming deal. - This is pretty much a give away price.
Here they are. I didn't take them out for pictures, just the boxes and names.
For this price you can give them away to your friends.


The second bundle is:
Two great knives. A Civivi Plethiros in copper and a Real Steel G-Slip.
The G-slip is absolutely NIB, and the Plethiros had been carried some but is still like new. TYD $100.00


Thanks for looking.
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Dec 15, 2013
Hi David,
I deleted your reply email by mistake - sending payment now.