Let's hear it for Marbles!

Mar 31, 2001
Hey. How come there's not more enthusiasm for Marbles knives on BF? I get page after page after page of search results on Spyderco, Benchmade, etc but hardly anything on Marbles. What's up with that?

Among the reasons are that they don't make folders. Your Benchmade and Spyderco hits are probably 96% for folders. A lot of the people interested in fixed blade knives are interested in "tacticals" or heavy camp knives where Marbles is not directly competitive.

I really like the fact that they provide practical hunting knives with 52100 alloy blades. They aren't really priced all that high when you figure that you can find discounts. I like models with the enlarged guards which means that I have fewer choices or have to pay full priced to order direct from the factory. Of course you can always go to "the other forum", knifeforums.com where Marbles has a forum of their own.
Yep, Cliff, I saw that one too. But do you really think one post a mere four months old about a problem Marbles explains why there are hardly any Marbles posts before or since? Do you think rdangerer's experience <a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/002696.html">here</a>with the SERE 2000's lock crapping out will put a stop to any posts about Al Mar?

I find price a hard one to buy too. <a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/001583.html">Here</a> is an interesting post whose author states that his small Sebenza is so hard to open and close it actually hurts his thumb and smashed his nail! Yet he calls it an outstanding knife. Curious. And he's not the only one with this problem.

I don't know. I just find it strange that a handful of manufacturers get scads of airtime here, then the level of coverage drops off to almost nothing.
I'm an old time Marble's fan.

When I was a kid about 11-12 I wanted a Marble's Woodcraft, but then things happened and for many years I wasn't able to do much.
I `found' an old Marble's Ideal a few years back at a garage sale and got it for $1.25.

Then when the new Marble's came out with the 52100 steel I bought my long time love and childhood dream a new Woodcraft. I like it so much that I also bought a Fieldcraft.
And as time passes I will no doubt collect a few more Marble's

I think they're gret no matter the age.
The old Ideal I have is 1095 that's over 50 years old and the steel has had time to stabilize. It takes and holds an almost unbelievable edge and I get a great deal of pleasure from using somethng from the past.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
I am a Marble's fan; their 52100 steel (cryogenically treated) takes a better edge than any of my other knives, bar none. the grinds are not always perfect, but that to me just shows the human touch. BTW, I understand Marble's is working on a folder...
There has been some less inspiring discussion sort of related to Marbles in the past. I think the bottom line is that Marbles has not wanted to participate in Bladeforums for personal reasons. Bladeforums operates less as a PR voice for manufacturers than some other places. Some knife makers do not take criticism well and avoid Bladeforums.

If you look at this thread and the thread that it cross-references to you may guess why Marbles is not active here. I like their knives and received very good service from Marble Arms.


Dang that's nasty! Almost as nasty as a Jerry v Ron thread, or maybe even the Lynn Griffith reverse serrations flap. For the record, I like my Busse, like TOPS, like Marbles, don't have a Griffith.

Here's another vote in favor of Marbles. They happen to be one of my favorite fixed blade production houses. I some what disagree with them being high priced though. Maybe for the Trailmaker which is made out of 5160, yes you could get a custom close to the retail price, but, you can find those for close to $100 below retail. As for the standard line made out of 52100 you just can't beat it, price wise or performace wise. Custom makers using 52100 you'd probably pay twice as much. The convex grind, 52100 and cryo treatment make one beefy hard use knife that will really last a lifetime. I have seen some that the fit and finish has been a little rough and Marbles fixed the problem. But as Alberta Ed says it shows the "human touch" and it is just a half a dozen guys sitting in front of a grinder just like any other maker would. Here's a good example..... http://www.knifeforums.com/ubb/Forum56/HTML/000088.html

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Hey guys - just to clarify - Marble's does have folders. They are traditionally styled and limited in production. They are made in the USA and are of the utmost quality.

We have chosen to not post on this site that much because there are 2 or 3 select individuals that we find of poor business and moral ethics. We will not participate in mudslinging as all those assoicated with Marble's are gentleman.

We appreciate all of the customers and collectors that have helped put Marble's back on the map. We also support those who give us crticism so we may improve the products.

The only reason we started a forum on KFC is because we were extended a warm invitation from Jim Nowka. He has proven to be of high callibre and an incredible guy. Come see our Marble Arms forum, over there.

Hope to see you there.


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I have a Marbles knife and really like the styling and the choice of steel.

The sheath that came with the knife was garbage and the very first time I used the knife on a deer hunting trip, the blade chipped just from attempting to split the pelvic bone of the buck. The knife had a very thin grind which makes it sharp at the knife shop but of reduced utility in the field. They are beautiful looking knives that are not a useful, IMO, as other knives within the price range.

Don't know the facts but remember reading somewhere about how one of the execs at Marbles allegedly screwed a whole bunch of people while running another knife company. Again, only know what I heard/read and do not know the facts. I do, however, know that my Marbles knife had a rough time with the one deer it encountered.

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"We have chosen to not post on this site that much because there are 2 or 3 select individuals that we find of poor business and moral ethics. We will not participate in mudslinging as all those assoicated with Marble's are gentleman."


(The answer is none)

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...Jason, you are better off staying at that "other place"...too many people here know the truth..

Striving to be a "Select Individual"-

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Besides, if anyone wants a Schatt and Morgan
(Queen) 1095 folder, they should buy the real McCoy instead of the overpriced knife that they make for "Marbles"....check www.agrussell.com, he has a nice selection.

FYI, an ATS-34 (or Carbon)S&M with natural handles is less than the Marbles offerings, esp. the one with "Atlante" polyester handles.

"The most effective armor is to keep out of range"-Italian proverb
Thank you for proving my point, Anthony.

For all of those here, who did not participate in the mudslinging, thank you for your support.

For those of you who hold unfounded grudges - If you were really as informed as you believe yourself to be, you would know the reality of things at Marble's and with Mike Stewart. Thank God there is justice in the world and in reality people don't make real world decisions based upon a harvest of sour grapes.

Thanks, again to all of Marble's supporters and join us over at knifeforums.com. By the way, there is a new knife auction website sponsored by knifeforums.Click here Check it out, there are some nice items on there.


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I kind of hoped for 52100 alloy for Marble's folders. It seems like a way they make themselves unique.
I have long wanted a top quality traditional folder in high carbon steel -- 52100 would be fantastic! BTW, I wish I still had my chromed brass Marble's match case, which I had in Scouts.
Huhuhuuh hey butthead,huhhhu, Anthony said Schatt huuuhhu.

Forgive me!

You could put nacho cheese sauce on it...