Let's help our fellow forum member!

Jun 21, 1999
I just read the post about Kysa Braswell, and was very saddened to hear about her misfortune. I know what it is like to have a family member in a coma on life support.
Kysa needs your prayers right now more than anything else.
Her family on the other hand would probably be very thankful for any help with the high cost of food and shelter while staying with their loved one. IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE TO STAY IN A MOTEL AND EAT OUT EVERY MEAL WHILE A LOVED ONE IS IN A COMA.
So I propose that we all pitch in and help them out.
Someone that can get the funds to the family needs to post the address, and I will start it off. Tom Carey, can you receive the funds?
Let's all pitch in every little bit helps!

okay, i just got home from work at the hospital, and read your post. Here it is, real life biting a chunk out of you. i know noone here knows me from Adam. i work in respiratory with veterans. i know what it's like to wake up on a ventilator; your hands are tied, an endotracheal tube is pumping breaths down into your lungs, your hands are tied cause the natural reaction whether sick or not is to pull out whatever is stuck in your throat. am i getting to anybody yet? this girl could use all the help we can give. i read the post she sent to her friend; i apologize to her for the invasiveness, but read what she says about getting used to being alone and reread it and reread it. i'm not going to buy a knife this month, or next month. i think the money can go to something worth much more. i've suctioned vent patients and worked with them in ICU. it amazes me: some of these guys are original warriors, guys that had that never give up attitude. and you know what? they gave up. alright, i'm sorry, i'll hop off that soapbox now. i haven't been here long enough to preach! and i'm tired. i worked all night and just wanted to check in on the forum and fellow hoplologists. but see, i'm actually being a bit selfish. sometimes we lose our temper with vets; i've had a cracked rib from a 125 lb. vet kicking me when we were trying to hold him down. a ranger got loose one night and found some scissors; all i felt was the air whizzing by my ear - this older gentleman was delusional and was trying to stab at me and the nurse. lucky for me she didn't run but helped me hold him down. so you get a bit jaded. alright so now i can pay back a little and hey, i don't even have to leave my house and go to church to give. let me know how we can get some monetary assistance out to whoever is involved in caring for this girl, okay? i'll be watching for the posts because i know these guys even if i never met them. they care.
Seems that Tom C is more on top of it than any of us. If he is willing to take on the responsibility and I certainly am willing to pitch in.


Yes I can receive funds. Already members have offered to donate money to help out. Please email for address info. Thanks for the kind words from all who have posted and emailed me. It is good to know there are so many hearts and prayers going out to her. A big thanks to all who have offered to help.


Tom Carey
Gosh, I just love these guys!! What a great bunch. I'll be buying some raffles, making some donations and saying a heap of prayers. I hope many more do the same.

Kelt34; I'm an "old" RT myself (20 yrs) I know what your talking about. Take care

Bless everyone who has taken the time to help Kysa. I do not know her myself, but she is very lucky to be involved with such a great group!