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Mar 19, 1999
HELLO PEOPLE, i just want to say, i always hold a knife before i purchase it, to check its all together solidness, and most tactically effeciant, especially with folders. A couple of months ago, at the New York Custom Knife Show, at the Sheraton Hotel, i was walking around, you know, viewing the tables and then i always noticed when i pick up a knife, especially a custom folder, and check the hell out of it, liners, screws, washers, stop pin, etc. I always get bad looks by the maker, i wont name them, but they are among the most popular in the knife world today. Whats wrong, do they want a knife dummy, just buying the folder for the looks and the name, screw that, i design knives as a hobby, and know a heck alot about construction and engineering, i like to make sure all parts are sound on the folder when i buy them. Well, thats my thoughts, and please read my request all you dealers and makers, and knife people, CAN SOMEONE SHOW MORE PICTURES OF TACTICAL FOLDERS, SUCH AS EMERSON, PAT CRAWFORD, ELISHEWITZ, AND LIGHTFOOT KNIVES TOOKEN APART, AND SHOW ALL THE INTERNAL PARTS, SUCH AS LINERS, PINS, PIVOT, WASHERS ETC. I THINK THERE WOULD BE ALOT MORE BUSINESS FROM PEOPLE IF THEY KNEW WHAT THEY ARE GETTING. PLEASE. THANK U.