Let's talk multis

Feb 8, 2004
Hey Rock 6, thanks for those pics. Where did you find the regular Swiss Tool with the scissors? I've only ever seen them with the second blade. That's exactly what I was talking about in my other post. The Spirit looks even better though. I think I've got my next multi tool picked out. I can let my regular Swiss Tool live in the glove box and start carrying the Spirit.

That's the Swiss Tool X-Model that Doc Canada mentioned...There's the regular model, the X-model and the RS that I know of. That's the only difference is the addition of the scissors which I much prefer.

The Swiss Tool X is on the left:




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Sep 18, 2006
Lets be honest here, who carries ONLY a multi? I know I don't and the PO stated that this would be included with atleast two other blades. Also most people that carry multi's carry them for the pliers first, and the other tools second. That being said, I go with the SOG powerlock it has imo the stongest pliers in the buisness. The tools aren't as shiny or aestetic as leatherman or SAK. They are however very functional and you can customize your choices without special tools or having to send it in the manufacturer. Also SOG will send all the different tools so you can replace them yourself. We all have our opinions and this one is mine. I have owned and used both Gerber and Leatherman. Gerber has gone down hill in quality over the past few years so I won't go into that. Leatherman looks nice and does have a nice finish but the pliers loosened up quickly and developed play. I have never really handled the swisstool enough to make an informed decision, I don't like plier head because it is not a true needle nose
Apr 22, 2006
I use the Skeletool in 154cm and like the tool. It performs well. Only drawbacks are the serrated blade and that it can't carry both driver bits on board.