Letter from Paul -- revisited.

Mar 5, 1999
This is worth sticking up again. Paul was an AF Capt. and truly a bonafide tough guy. He did time in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan (before the current effort there), Panama, various South American countries and all over the middle east. He is fluent in several laguages and did a lot of intelligence work. Sadly, his AF career ended with the unsuccessful defusing of a terrorist planted bomb. Went off and took away part of his sight and hearing.

I recall a story he told me about getting into a hand to hand knife fight with some guy in Iraq or Afghanistan -- can't remember the place for sure. "I just slapped the guy's knife out of his hand with the AK and he stood there looking at his knife laying on the ground and me with my 15" AK at the ready and decided the fight was over. Not a drop of blood for either of us.

Here's the letter:


We are finding the little people everywhere. Even the terrorists are scared of oral rumors of the "small brown men" (in Arabic) using their knives. When I carried my blade over there it had much more effect in getting the local's attention than my FN FAL and Browning High Powers we used for emergencies. The locals laughed at the MP5SD H&K and the M 16 variation. Once a crowd was gathering on the Beirut street and an Iranian agitator was calling for an attack on our cars. I got out of the car and they are very used to seeing anyone carrying weapons. They saw the Ang Khola on my belt (I nearly had a shoulder holster made for the thing after this) and the kids pointed at it and ran with the adults right behind.

I like those. Pretty much ending a confrontation without fighting. Cool, Thanks Uncle Bill:)
a friend I met in 1968. I told it before, I think. He was airborne ranger in Korea. He strongly advise to dump my Randall and get a Khukuri. And the rest of the story at another time.;)

...sounds like the beginnings of a "Bowie"-type legend
Perhaps people see the size of the fight in the knife(Khukuri) and not just the size of the knife in the fight!

I guess that the Khuks reputation preceeds it and needs no translation. In that respect, I guess it's kind of like hearing a pump shotgun being racked....

Thanks for posting Paul's letter, Uncle Bill.

Good story! Heard lots of others about the Gurkhas. It seems they show up and peoples minds change quickly about things like fighting!
Good stuff. I have heard similar stories from guys who are still wearing some type of uniform and are using the kukris I sent them. It is an intimidating weapon even without a "little brown man" behind it.