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Lettering on Damascus Blade

If one wanted to put their name on the blade of a damascus sheath knife, what would be the best method? The lettering would be on either side near the spine, or on the spine (1/8") itself.

A friend has a cable damascus knife in the Ka-Bar USMC knife style. He asked about the best method to put his name on the blade. Normally, after the fact I would say etching, but then I thought that might not react well with layered steels. Stamping would be best, but I don't know if it can be done "after the fact", even if the blade is differentially heat treated. But I'm not an expert...just seeking the advice of one (or more).


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Sep 26, 1999
Since the knife is completed both of those methods are very risky to do(you could damage the knife)
I would just take it to a shop that makes trophy's or that does engraving on metal objects and have them put it on for you,It isnt expensive and it looks good also.I do this when a customer wants a name on there blade since I only am able to put my own on the knife now.
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