Libations worthy of the Hinderer Herd....

Did a little camping last weekend and put away a lot of these:D You guys in the states are lucky to be in the land of great IPA's, but our breweries are catching up in quality!
IMG_8312 (768x1024).jpg
^^^^^ I found one like that for my dad.
It was a glass & ice cube set. The ice cube froze into a big ball, much like the one the prevailing scientific theory on the consumption of ice-cooled whiskey is that the bigger the ice cube and the more regular/spherical the surface area, the slower the ice will melt........thus it provides a lovely, cool drink with minimal dilution of the very expensive whiskey/scotch........or you could just drink it straight.......totally eliminating the need for a big fancy ball of ice.......and depending on your could potentially eliminate the glass as well.........but now we digress.......
That is a good beer Ross. Thank you again for hooking me up with that.
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