Libra Knives 2015 lineup Profiles complete

Oct 19, 2010
Getting ready to begin my 2nd production run for late this year, early next year.

Here's what I've got planned:


You'll notice some of the same that you've seen and responded very well to, and some larger versions of those and a new model. I've also go a small hand-axe for chopping, slicing, and throwing included. It's going to be really cool and something I have not seen much of beyond micro-woodsman tools. Prices will remain the same on the existing models and the new models will be price...d in line with those. I've been able to make the larger 14" competition sized models due to a new laser profiler I've found to cut out the parts.
Look for the production to begin around the middle of November and the first knives ready to go for the beginning to middle of December just in time for the giving holidays.
More details as this run progresses.
Thanks to everyone who's been a customer and to everyone who's been supportive and encouraging. You've made this expansion possible.
- Hal Zucati
Libra Knives