Libra Knives Main Production #1 Under Way

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  1. halzucati


    Oct 19, 2010
    I just picked up 119 blanks from waterjet today.
    They got all but 7 pieces perfect with 6 being slightly scored along one edge and one being lost in the waterjet machinery. Not sure how you can lose a 10" knife, but they did, and discounted my order accordingly.

    I've got a show in Spokane this weekend and the Spokane Expo and trade center through The Lewis Clark promoters. Saturday and Sunday.

    I'll be grinding and heat treating from now till Friday evening when I'll mark and pack whatever I've managed to get done.

    I'm estimating I'll have about 15 pieces of each ready to sell at the show, but if I can get more done I will.

    Will be selling at the show in person with stock on hand, and then from my website after the show.

    Cash or PayPal accepted at the show.

    Cash, PayPal, or credit accepted on my site.

    New model numbers are being introduced and will be used moving forward.

    The Libra Knives 10" will now be called the GL.X
    The Libra Knives 12" will now be called the GL.XII
    For more information on this change see my post here:

    Due to the current cost of steel and the fact that I'm down some piece count due to water Jet errors this batches prices will be as follows:

    The GL.X will be $60
    The GLXII will be $80

    Moving forward each production run will be priced individually so that I can cover my current and future production costs.

    Best to all, and stay sharp.

    - Hal Zucati

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