Light duty EDC; Random Leek, 1660CB Leek, or Speedform II?

Last question, is the Damascus something to consider, or is the steel just pretty but doesn't perform all that well?

I've had my Damascus Skyline (same Alabama Damascus as in the 1660DAM Leek) in my rotation for a few months. The Damascus looks cool and performs very well. Takes a great edge, good retention (seems at least as good as 14C28N), and pretty tough (no noticeable damage on my Skyline, which has a pretty thin hollow grind). The only potential drawback is that it is not stainless. If you are in a very humid environment, or if you expect the blade will get wet regularly, that might be a concern. I haven't had rust issues with mine thus far.
Thanks again for all the help, it's looking like the CB Leek is going to be the winner. I want to like the SF2, but I'm worried the thumb studs/opening it will kill it for me. There being an option for a blem 1660CB is also appealing; I'd probably be able to throw a Cryo into the order as well; I really would love to carry a big 0560 daily but just don't have any use for it, and don't want the added bulk, and the Cryo looks like a good compromise of a heavy duty looking knife that's still small.

Thanks again for all the help, this is honestly in the top few forums I've seen as far as having knowledgeable people who are helpful.
Funny thing about that Cryo...Walmart had one for $35. I had wanted one in black, but the Ti looked cool and I didn't have to wait on shipping or anything. Everyone is right it's a pretty sweet knife, it feels like the pivot could use a drop of oil but even just how it is out of the box it's a really nice knife, especially for $35.

Edit: Two drops of oil and now it's smooth and flies open.
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I liked the shape of the Random Leek best for most of the tasks that I do outside. I liked the Composites steel best but the tip was best suited for when I was in the office. I rotated between them.
So I'm really, really liking the Cryo. A lot. Been carrying it in my left, rear pocket which had been empty; not really noticing it, so I'm thinking I could also put a larger knife in that role. Still carrying the Leek to use when a "scary" knife wouldn't be usable.

I'm thinking there's going to be a Cryo 2 in my future, but more than that I'm really liking the looks of the ZT 566. Going to have to see if I can find one locally to check out.
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I was able to get a BNIB Leek S30V G10 for a great price. It feels really good in the hand due to the thicker handles and you really can't complain about the steel. If you're interested email me so that I can clue you in.