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Light review: Streamlight Stylus

Oct 3, 1998


I know that knife nuts are also gadget nuts and are into flashlights, so I figured you all would enjoy this little review. For several weeks I have been carrying and using Streamlight's new Stylus pen light. For those not familiar, this light combines the convenience of a pen light with a high intensity LED bulb (same as what's found on the Photon lights). The Stylus lights are available in two models - 2 battery and 3 battery. For a breakdown of the entire Stylus line, visit <a href="http://www.streamlight.com">Streamlight's website</a>. I've got the 3 battery white bulb model.

The Stylus is crafted out of an anodized and textured aluminum barrel, each light sports its own serial number. A black pocket clip provides ease of portability. The light is activated using one of two methods: a rubber coated push button on the tail of the light for momentary on or "blink" and constant on by twisting the barrel cap. Overall, the white Stylus is brighter than the newer narrow beam Photon II. I've used my Stylus to inspect the insides of my folders, visually inspecting the innards of my computer, hooking up computers underneath desks, taking the garbage out after dark, and even going up to the roof of my house at 10pm in the rain to clear a clogged gutter that was causing rainwater to seep into the attic. The Stylus's beam is a wide angle and provides enough coverage for big and small areas.

I've been a hard-core Photon user, and after using the Stylus once, the advantage over the Photon is realized - it has more reach than the PII's do (hence, a great lighting tool for those who work on computers or lawn mower engines). Though, nothing can beat the ultimate portability that the Photon has (keyring carry or lanyard clip carry).

The Stylus is powered by AAAA (yup, you read right - quadruple A's. Skinny thangs!) Energizer batteries and should last about 10 hours depending on model. These batteries can be found at specialty electronics stores like Radio Shack or through your Stramlight retailer.

Overall, I'm very happy with my Stylus. I'm currently rotating it with oone of my many Photon II's. This light was purchased from fellow forum moderator, Tim Flanagan of Nor'east Knives ( noreastknives@bigfoot.com ). He also sells extra batteries for the lights - its wise to buy a pack with your light. Contact him for pricing info.

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For the record, the barrel is not flared at the light end like a baseball bat, as the picture may indicate. That appears to be some pattern distortion/moire effect due to the different patterns of the material and that of the Stylus.

Very cool toys, if I do say so.

Nor'east Knives

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AAAA can be found in name brand Alkaline 9 volt batteries. Carefully pry off the metal shell and you have a nice little pile of them.

Also there's been some pretty big threads on flashlights and LED lights in the community forum. You may have to go back a ways to find them.

Dexter, I just posted a review of a few different LEDs over on the Community Forum. The Stylus was one of them. I've been using the white LED 3AAAA version at work doing inventories and verifying hundreds of different serial numbers from shelter mounted radios systems to refrigerators. It's been very handy. I also was able to slip a red LED 2AAAA in a nylon belt pouch that holds my Mission MPF for daily carry. With the Army being such a stickler on using red or green filtered lenses (LEDs) for light discipline, it came in handy doing a multitude of tasks, especially when not carrying a larger light during operations at night.

The biggest advantage is the narrow aluminum tube construction and the bullet-proof LED (not to mention being waterproof). I must warn those interested, that the 3AAAA models are quite long, much longer than normal pens. The 2AAAA is probably better suited to carry on your person as a pen look-a-alike with more accomodating dimensions.

I do concur that this is a very interesting light, and can be very useful depending on one's needs.

I have two that Tim Flanagan sent me to try out. My opinion of them is very low. They are rather expensive, fragile, have a poorly (really non) focused beam, take a weird battery, and really don't fill any niche that I have. Add to this that the three cell won't fit in a shirt pocket without protruding a great deal. I don't like them, but if they light up your life, go for it.