Lighters : I don't know where else to go

Feb 13, 1999
I went into a local knife store and, of course, went strait to the butterfly knives. that's unrelated.

I went down the glass case and at the end, i saw a bunch of lighters, if you want to see what i saw behind glass: <a href="">it was a colibri V Force something or another..... </a>

I would have gotten it on the spot, but i did not have $60 on me, or the need to spend that much on a lighter. It is really nice, and i'd like to know if there is any place that has them cheaper, net or around the washington DC area.

I asked here because i do not know of a better place... I saw the thing in a knife store, so i asked here.

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I was just about to ask if anyone had a light.

Those lighters CAN'T be blown out either!

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oh, sorry, i haven't been here in a while...
I'll keep that in mind next time i post something mostly unrelated to kniving..
I think lighters and flashlights and such belong in the general forum ... surely not in the community forum; that's for posts like "Why I won't be Posting for the Next Month" (because I'm going on an expedition to Baffin Island to photograph the Deadly Giant Fire Ant)....

Those lighters look pretty kewl, but where the heck can you get a nice refillable lighter for a reasonable price -- like $5-20? It used to be all the tobacconists had them ... now all you can find are disposables and cheapo piezoelectrics that hardly last longer than the disposables. I used to like them with windows so you could see when it needs refilling....

-Cougar Allen :{)