Lightfoot Fixed blade ?

Feb 4, 1999
I had the opportunity to hold and fondle a Lightfoot Sierra at the NYCKS. Man what this thing feels like. That and the PJ Tomes Shefield left the largest impressions on my wee bitty mind. Anyway ... does anyone have any experience using and carrying Lightfoot fixed blades. What about the BG 42? Does it chip out easily? Can his knives be used for general utility as well as self defense. Light chopping, Prying?
My inquireing mind wants to know. I may just need one. A sierra or hammerhead sounds about right. Let me know what you guys think.


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This knife (and other custom and production knives) can be seen at
I have dealt with Murray and have been impressed with his level and speed of service. Highly recomended.

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One of the first customs I ever bought was a Lightfoot Predator. My only real complaint about that knige is the chisel grind, I'm not a big fan of that grind at all. But the knife is still one of favourites. It is super fast in the hand and just downright beautiful, to my eye. Greg also makes some first rate sheaths and I had one made especially. He now uses multicarry kydex that I understand are super.
The Sierras I think are even nicer than the Predator - Sierra and Sierra II. BG 42 is a very good steel and I've had no chipping problem. I suppose that would depend on how hard and brittle the steel was made after heat treating and the thinness of the edge - I haven't heard of any such problems with Greg's knives. Yes, I think they can be used as utility, but you might have some trouble with the sharpened top edge - I think you can get one without. There are quite a few purists who would cringe at the idea of using a first rate fighting knife as a utility tool, but I'm not among them, except in the case of a very few knives or exceptional circumstances.
Murray Haday [Proedge] is the exclusive dealer for Sierras. Murray is excellent to deal with. Email or call him. Predators and other Lightfoot fixed blades are available from several places, including directly from Greg. There's a long version of the Predator floating about out there somewhere. I've seen the same knife several times, most recently on Ebay. The price was pretty good, but I already have all the Predators I want.
I could use a Sierra or two. I think they are very handsome and effective knives. Call or email Murray and Greg and ask them directly.
Hey Guys...

Yup,, Murray would be the one to talk to about that...

After All he Designed the Blade...



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I have a Pitbull from Lightfoot, for a few months from now. TO be more exact got that at An interesting piece
And this is the only knife that I've managed to cut myself twice in the very first week with it.
Edge holding was quite good. I wrote some about this knife on my site, check this link

Have Fun,
I have a C-4 and use it for general utility stuff. The edge holds well and I have not tried to pry anything with it but I dont think it would hurn it.
BG-42 a Bearing Steel.. (used in industry to make ball bearings)
Because of the Vanadium content, BG-42 offers excellent edge retention and strength.
It is a stainless steel that has very good corrosion and wear resistance..
BG-42 steel provides high performance for a Tactical Knife..
I have had no problems with edge chipping under a variety of cutting tasks..

The Sierra and Sierra Light Compact are offered with a Sharpened or UnSharpened False Edge..

The Sierra is designed as Tactical (Combat/Utility) Knife..
The Sharp Top Edge models (Sierra II) is more fighter/combat specialized..

Please call anytime for more info..

Take Care..

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I have one of the "compact" versions coming in from Murray soon.

It looks to be a great piece to add to the, collection.


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I ordered the Sierra II from Murray. I will try to give some impressions and of course a mess o photos
when it arrives. I cant wait to get a hold of this thing !!

Blues let me know what you think of the compact version when you get it.


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