Lightweight Malla by kami with no name. Cracked handle. Pix and bargain time.

Mar 5, 1999


Here is an 18 inch, 22 ounce Malla lightweight made and marked by the kami with no name. It's a 10/10 effort with a cracked handle. Fit, finish, hardness all up to HI specs. These guys have it down. The karda and chakma are Malla style and also quite nicely done. Scabbard is very nicely made and tooled by sarki with no name. He is racheting up his quality, too. Frog is standard 100 year HI superfrog.

There is a fairly long but not very wide crack in the saatisal handle which doesn't show up very well on the closeup pix I took -- as I have said many times, my picture taking success all depends on luck. If you epoxy and clamp you probably won't be able to see where the crack was when you're done. If you use superglue the handle is going to stay where it is but you'll see the crack. Once the handle is repaired you should be able to use this knife for 100 years.

Spend 15 cents on epoxy and take fifteen minutes of your time and save fifty bucks.

We will deliver this knife to your door today for an even $100.

Call or email if interested.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Uncle Bill, seriously, this and any other khukuri destined for Jim must first go to the Safety Officer for an official safety inspection. After all, we would be remiss in our responsibilities if this did not occur and Jim were to get cut...


Koz, Get cut!! ME!! Surely you jest! Now if you want to look out for someone ,my friend Blues needs your help! Lord knows I've tried to help him, you know, be a good role model,but,alas, he is just too old(sob)!You all know the saying about "OLD" dogs! hee!
Well I guess there goes my ever getting Blues to buy me breakfast!LOL!Something tells me I'm gonna pay for making that statement about my friend Blues!Oh well!hee!