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lil temperance leaf blade pe 440v

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Aug 19, 2005
I want to trade this knife which is somewhat collectible for a more modern upscale spyderco like Maddix Chinnock or possibly a Chinese folder bob lum other possibilities include microtech or MOD's I also have a carbon fiber harpy that I'm considering adding for a more upscale piece this knife is new in box just got it today from me local knife storeI would trade both for a zDP William Henry spyderco s30v military carbon fiber or spyker
the knife is new in box I cannot access your e-mail the captain is a little small for my hands I might consider it though do you have anything else to trade you can PM me or contact me at simplecode@SBCglobal.net
trade is being hammered out tough choice I got a lot of good offers think you all for your time or just for looking:)