Liner lock blues - any suggestions?

Jan 24, 2006
I've just bought a Lone Wolf Harse T2 tanto. I like the handle, the CPMS30V blade, but the liner lock slips. I was practicing with it this morning, and the liner lock started slipping. This knife is way sharp, and I don't want to cut myself, so I called the internet knife store, but it turns out that since I've sharpened it, they can't swap it out, because it's used :barf: . Okay, I'm a newbie, and there is a learning curve. I want to get a better knife with a more secure manner of locking the blade. Strider and Extreme Ratio are two knives I'm looking at, but does anyone have any suggestions on other comparable knives that are worth looking at? A price range of 250-600 dollars is what I'm thinking of. A custom blade is a good idea, but I need some input to consider. So, everyone has an opinion, and I'm asking the denizens of this list to give me some suggestions. You know, a high end tactical folder that can actually be used, and be trusted.:thumbup:


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Oct 26, 2005
ballenagris,If you can go for that kind of $,I'd be looking at a Bob Dozier Titanium lockback has one for $525.Now,for a tactical linerlock,I'd be looking at DM knives.For a custom framelock,I'd contact David Winston is now making Titanium framelocks.