Liner lock on Spyderco Military

Jun 6, 2000
I noticed on my Forum Military that the liner lock does not go as far over to the opposite side as my 'older' Military both are the three screw clip models and I believe are the 'improved' models. I also noticed that the liner on my Forum models is new grey and not polished, is yours grey? I was wondering if I needed to adjust the excentric pivot on my older model? The liner bar comes to just over half the tang on the blade. How does this compare to everyone elses models? My newer Forum Military engages the tang fully but not as far, more what I would expect from a good quality liner lock. Neither have failed the spine whack test. Is this cause for concern? I noticed that the tang features a curved surface so the liner bar can't travel any further towards the opposite side.

Of further note is that the nested liner bar 'lifts' from the G10 scales earlier and rather more than on the Formite model. Is this normal as well? What I will do is take some pixs and post them up in a few days.


Interesting. I have noticed exactly the same effects with my new style (black letter) serrated Military compared to my older (diamond engraved) plain edge. The older style liner lock arm slides over closer to the middle of the tang and seems to "de-nest" from the inside of the scales to a greater degree than does the one on the newer one.

I also have noticed a significant difference in the sound of their "click" when locking. The older one has a more hollow sound. Have you observed this as well?

Man, and last year everyone was making just the opposite complaint, how their liner locks were travelling too far over!

If the liner is in full contact with the tang, and there's no blade movement in the locked position, you're locked just fine. As the liner wears, the curved tang ramp will allow it to travel over further and remain fully engaged.
Yes the click is much more assertive than on the older model. My older model plain edge hasd more of a hollow and light? Sounding 'click':rolleyes: sad am I not?;)

Either way never had either fail the spine whack test and no play in any axis. Not worth worrying about?:)

Take care.
On my older Military, the liner does pop out of the scale more when the blade is locked in place. However, on the older Military, the liner engages at around the first 1/3rd of the tang, while on the newer Military I have, the liner stops midway across the tang. I've also noticed that the older model has a more hollow sound when locked up.

What accounts for these differences, I don't know. It's possible that they changed the liner in some subtle way. Or, there could just be small variations within the same model. Even though the knives are machine made, there still won't be two that look exactly alike, especially if you look at them as closely as a knife nut does. :)

I agree though that if the lockup is solid (no up and down play and it passes the spine whack test), then it shouldn't matter where the liner falls on the tang.

Oh, about the finish on the liners: I haven't figured out what the deal is there. It seems that the liner on the Military was first grey for awhile, then Spyderco decided to polish it, but then they reverted back to the grey liner after a time. I have no idea as to when these changes took place though.