Liner lock position?

While reading the discussion about liner locks, TI vs. SS, I began to wonder about about where my liner locks were positioned. I have 5 BM knives, 3 with SS liners and 2 with TI. All are different. Does anyone know where they should be positioned? Are the knives more secure with the liner in the middle, left or right?

I talked to Vince, our Chief Engineer, who gave me this answer:

Spyderco's specs are such that the liner should be no more than halfway over..from the left. Ideally, lining up on the left side of the lock.

Does that help?

That's right where I prefer it to be as well! GOOD job SPYDERCO



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Oct 5, 1998
This is the ideal for your Benchmades as well Willie. All of my liners have hit at about 35% - 45%. -AR
I also prefer my linerlocks to reach less than halfway over (unless the lock is designed to spring all the way over). That way the liner has that much more wear left in it.
Where they rest doesn't matter much. Whether it holds when you tap it on the blade spine is what matters. Two of the best liner locks I have used rest a little past half way.

Most liner lock makers shoot for just having the full width of the liner engaged on the blade tang, but that may be more for travel and wear than for reliability.