Liner-lock wear on Wegner

Jun 20, 1999
I read a comment on how the liner-lock mechanism on the Spyderco Tim Wegner wears out easily, has anyone else experienced this problem with that knife or heard of anyone who has?

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I have not experienced this, and I've had my knife for a little over a year. However, I don't put my Wegner through hard use.

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i've had a wegner for a couple of years
now. i don't carry it much now, but
i did for the first year.
the liner did wear a bit, i.e. it now
slides over to touch the opposite scale.
but the blade still locks up tight.
i like the knife, it's great.
i just change my carry knife every so often.
the one complaint i do have about the wegner,
the clip is screwed directly into the g10
scale. it seems a bit weak in that respect.
but again i do like the knife, served me


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Since my Wegner is on it's way to me right now, I've been searching BF for any and all information on it. After reading for literally 3 hours last night, I've come to the following conclusions. The Wegner is an awesome knife. The liner lock issue is this: apparrently the liner lock travels all the way till it touches the other side. This either happens right out of the box, or gradually over time. Judging by what I read last night, this is not a problem UNLESS lateral blade play is present, in which case everybody, including Sal, said to send the knife back to Spyderco's excellent customer service dept. Now there are some who were lucky enough to be able to choose from among many Wegner's when they purchased theirs, and they recommend that if you have this opportunity, look for one where the liner "centers up" on the blade in the locked position. However, I personally will not be worried about the position of the liner in the locked position until I discern some blade play, no matter how minute. When this happens (and the chances are that it never will) it will go back to Spyderco to be repaired. Don't let me worry you-I read probably a couple hundred posts where people said the Wegner was the Almighty and Epitome of the Perfect Knife. Seriously, it has almost a cult following. Some folks sounded downright violent about the decision to discontinue the Wegner Jr. I know this was long-winded, but like I said, mine is on the way and I'm "kinda" excited!!
LOL-take a look at the current thread "general outdoor camping folder" and you'll see what I mean about Wegner fans. They're relentless! I can't wait till next week when I become one!