Liner Locks, How Easy to Break?

Oct 9, 1998
I am in need of a good concealable knife under $125. It seems that for ultimate concealability, a folder would be the best choice, but the liner lock seems to be notorious for back lockups and being not very durable. On average, how long will a liner lock last? I am interested in the Applegate Gerber Covert, the CQC7 from Benchmade, and a BM Stryker. In case the folders are not too good, is the Mark Boyer Custom Multi-Carry Mini-Tanto good? The mini-tanto runs in my price range and seems to be a pretty good buy. Whats the deal with linerlock strength, and how good is the Boyer Blades stuff?
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Just a little late in responding to this and being no one has, I will.

The only problem I ever encountered with a liner lock was on my original BM Stryker #901S. The liner lock worked it's way accross the blade tang to the liner. It jams and is very hard to close. But, I have had this knife since the Stryker was first released and it just failed a few months ago. I have used it very hard and almost every day since I bought it up until this point. This was only expected to happen.

I have had many a lockback knives fail me in the past compared to just one liner lock. I would have to say that most liner locks are stronger than lockbacks or midlocks except the Cold Steel Voyager series.

Case being, I loved my BM Stryker soooo much, I just bought some more but with the BT2 coating this time (#910SBT). Just had to have this one again. For as much as I used my old one and for as long as I have had it, I feel I got more than my moneys worth! To the average person who uses their knives occasionally and not everyday like I do, the BM Stryker should last about a life time if taken care of.

The best lock though that I have found and like is the integral locks. My Mission MPF is the strongest and most reliable folder I have ever come accross for it's lock strength. The BM Pinnacle would come in second with the MONO lock which is basically the same integral lock. The Sebenza's I have also but haven't ever used because of it's size, so I can't give a real comparison on it's integral lock strength, but I'm sure it is just as good as the other integral locking folders mentioned, especially from what I have read and heard as well as seeing it for myself.

So, in other words, if it isn't an integral lock you want, don't hesitate on getting the BM Stryker, one of Benchmade's finest liner locking folders IMO!

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