Liner Locks?

Sep 23, 1999
I've seen some liner locks that instead of a solid spacer made of either steel or micarta or what ever, they used spacer pins. Do you folks mind that or would you only buy a liner lock with a solid spacer?

Reason I ask is because it's alot easier to size pivots to length than it is to sand stock to a precise thickness and keep it square. I'm gonna make a couple with the spacer pins just to see how strong it would be.

Thanks for your opinions!!!
Hi Michael, my favorite pocketknife has pins. I think they make it easier to clean and fit the overall look of this particular knife.
That said, I have seen some folders, with beautifully worked solid backstraps, that would not of had the same impact with pins. Regards, Greg
Hi Michael. I have liner locks with both spacers and with pins. All production, I should say.

Probably my favorite, even before I really realized how different it really is from most of its competitors, is the Spyderco Wegner. From the back, you'd think it was a lockback. Solid spacer all the way. In fact, it serves as the stop, instead of a pin. Much as I like it, am glad I'm not a hunter, which is it's stated primary function. Can't imagine trying to get packed in blood and lard from the inside in the cold. Must be a real treat.

One of my other favorites is my Sebenza. It has only pins. They certainly please an awful lot of people. I think they also have paved the way so that people aren't likely to have strength concerns. No, you can't file air real fancy, but am sure that the pins might save you some valuable time, and still look good in the bargain.

Good luck!
The first knife I got with standoffs was a Klotzli and I fell in love with the open construction. My first custom had standoffs, and not suprisingly all the folders I make have this spacing method. I just plain likes it...light, easy to clean and everyone can see all the gubbins working :D