lingo question here on bf

Dec 21, 2005
i see the term "gentlemans" knife passed around in here, what does the term mean ?

what is damuscus and what are the benifits ,

there is many terms and words thrown around here that i am clueless about..

can you guys post some terms that a newbie would be not aware of that common folk would be in wonderment about ?

i am soo soo new to bladage but have always carried no name pocket folders that getthe job done for random tasks but more than anything street combat weapon at hand if i need it .

thanks in advance
Dec 10, 2003
The definition of Gentleman's Knife is really subject to your opinion. What would a gentleman carry? I think of it as a light duty folding knife usually made of fancier materials with more emphasis on looks rather than performance.

Most of the knife labels here such as "Gentleman's Knife", "Tactical", and "Traditional" are subject to your own opinion.


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Jan 13, 2003
I'll try to handle the 'Gentlemen's knife' question.

I look at it as a knife that is usually small, say smaller than 3" closed. Historically made with gold plate or silver handles, ornate designs or carving, with small blades that usually included a nail file, sometimes scissors.

Here are two examples of what I consider Gentleman's knives:



Hope this helps,

Dec 21, 2005
great thanks guys ,

well i guess ive learned a few things now.
i myslef prefer a real agresive tactical knife look .. i am not into heavy cutting of boxes or rope .. my use for carry is primarilly for cutting open small things which is hardly ever and personal protection in a hand to hand situation.

i dont trust my slef with a side arm though i can legally own one,
i have about 25 low end agressive tactical folders with what is proably cheap steel but can get the job done i'm sure in a slice and stick situation..

in prison a rolled tin can of tuna can get the job soo why not a 30 dollor folder ;)

thanks for the help guys i look forward to drooling over your high dollor blades.

my cheapy throw away felony folders will suffice for now until if i ever nead a hardcore utility blade ..

is there a knife life glossry for terms around here ?

btw i'm a married 25 year old mexican from east san jose
Apr 27, 1999
A gentleman's knife is one that goes with your suit. Usually it is pretty thin and nicer looking than a "tactical" knife. My gentlemans knife is a Kershaw Sapphire:

It has thin titanium side panels that are nicely blue annodized. The blade is about 3 inches long. The clip is removable for sleeker pocket carry.

"Damascus" is steel made from twisting together and fusing multiple alloys. Originally this allowed iron that was only surface hardened to be mushed together to form a stronger steel conglomeration. Nowadays it is primarily ornamental. Rather than mixing the strongest alloys as finely as possible the makers usually pick alloys that show the most contrast and try and blend them in large pretty patterns. This isn't great for edge strength. Some makers use damascus on the outside layers of a blade and a hard homogenous steel core in the center.
Dec 21, 2005
thanks a bundle guys :)

i have been reading and lurking for about a month or soo and am hooked , though i know i wont fal victim to the expensive high end bug that is knife art i can admire the cool knives displayed and owned by the members here :)

great message board .