Linton Cutlery "Killing Claw"

Feb 10, 2004
Has anyone seen this knife in the new Tactical Knives??? Okay, I admit that I think the name of this knife is very stupid, but I have to say that I like the design of this knife! It is one of the first kerambit style knives I've seen that I really like. It is one piece ATS-34. Now, where the Hell do you get one???? I did a search on yahoo and came up with nothing. Anyone else know??
Why buy a knife from a company that copies custom and factory designs? :confused:
I haven't seen anything that looks like the killing claw. And, in all honesty, I believe you can look at almost any factory made knife and find one by another company or maker that is similar. Yes, there are some true originals. If the same design is offered elsewhere with equal materials, let me know and I'll buy the "original" (if it doesn't cost twice as much).
Linton got noticed by making copies of Strider knives. I think this kind of backfired on them and so they decided to make knives that were not direct knockoffs of other makers/manufacturers. Some of their latest knives actually look pretty good to me. I haven't seen the knife you are asking about, but it is made from a good steel and could quite possibly be a good knife.
About the only thing I liked about it was the ad.... nice 1911 that it is perched upon.