Lionsteel BestMan Slipjoint

May 30, 2015
GP Knives (their IG pictures) posted pictures of the Lionsteel BestMan Slipjoint knife that will be released around May 2019. M390 blade and 5 different handle materials (I believe Carbon Fiber, Micarta, Ebony wood, Olive wood and Santos wood). There are two versions; one with a single clippoint blade and the other with a clippoint blade and a small sheepsfoot blade. With halfstop.



Nice to see Lionsteel come out with another slipjoint knife.
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The two blade version sounds interesting.
I wonder how much extra that second blade and backspring will cost.
This one has actually caught my eye. Depending on street price, I may have to pick up one of these.
I dunno. When I look at most of the CK's, it's a "I like that" kinda thing. I look at these and it's more "Meh". Mostly it's the box shape of these and the blade geometry (I really like the CK clip) - which is hard to tell from the pic. . I guess time will tell if I'll warm up to 'em.
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I'll be interested to see them when they are released ... I will especially like to see the Olive wood snd Santos realeases as some of the last batch ... the few that I saw the wood didn't look great.
Interesting. Looks like the two blade is a two spring? So it's kind of a Jack or a Moose.
How is it sharpening m390? I don't have any knives with it (obviously) and I'm curious...
How is it sharpening m390? I don't have any knives with it (obviously) and I'm curious...
Haven't had to sharpen the ones I have, yet. But, then I'm not a heavy user. I've found it to hold an edge very well. All I've ever done is a couple of passes on a UF bench and strop - not because of need but because that's what I do every once in a while for maintenance, anyway.
I love Lionsteel - I have several Lionsteel traditional folders (7), fixed blades (3) and modern folders (4).

I agree with a previous poster that these appear a bit boxy. So not crazy about the aesthetics. Wonder how they will feel in hand? Depending on the ergos and the price I may still be interested.
They will be extremely good quality for certain, something different too which is good. But, I don't fancy the shape of them much, too boxy/square. Others will feel differently, first class knives these whatever your feelings about the aesthetics :thumbsup:
I'm not a big fan of square bolsters, but if it has smaller dimensions than the Barlows, I may be tempted.