Liquid nitrogen transport

Sep 6, 2013
I am looking into dewars for LN. What size do y'all use? I can get a 3 liter one on Amazon or eBay for around 250, but from what I've read this seems sort of small. Also, this seems like the sort of thing that if you asked right person you would be able to find a used one for much cheaper, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction to try and find one. My evenheat is supposed to come in tomorrow so I am trying to get everything else in order!
My dewar is 35 liter.

Make certain that the neck is large enough for the knives you make. In general, thinner is better because it reduces loss, but that's only true if it will still fit your knives in it!!!
So you just keep it in the dewar and leave your knives in it? A 35 L one would be a ton brand new. I hope I can find a used one
So is 35 liters size needed? How much would that treat? how much would I need to cryo 4 9"-ish hunting knives at a time?
It's not so much that the size is necessary, it's that it will allow you to keep LN for longer than overnight, and will also allow for multiple blades. Assuming that's got the same 2.5" diameter neck that mine does, I can fit blades as large as 17" OAL. Shorter blades that won't stick up into the neck when they're placed in there will allow you to get quite a few knives in there... Certainly more than 4 9" knives...
In Utah, you may be able to find an older cattle vet that is nearing retiring that has an old one. Or he may know where to get them cheaper.