Lite weight M-43 for 2/5


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Apr 5, 2005
This one arrived here today!

15 inch 20 ounce M-43 by Kumar. Red satisal wood handle. White metal fittings. Leather sheath . Usual fine work by Kumar. Start the pig year right at $165. *SOLD*


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First come first served
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Somebody better snatch this up before I do. I just bought three HI's in past few months. If I had know this was coming.....

That M-43 is beautiful.
I'll take it if it's available. EMS sent.

Thank you for removing that temptation. I looked at this M-43 twice last night, and once early this morning, which is when I saw that you were getting it.
This is the perfect Kukuri for backpacking and/or hunting. I have three M-43s. Two are 27 oz, and one is 25. I always thought that somewhere around 22 oz would be a perfect balance of light weight and heft. That 20 oz should be perfect. I envy you, and will tell you that if I hadn't already picked up several HI Kukuris of late, it would be mine. I almost hope that Auntie doesn't have any more like this one for months. My wallet couldn't stand it.
I just received this yesterday. I can't say enough about it . It feels great. It has great balance and feels substantial yet fast. I should not be surprised. I recently received a 32 ounce M-43, also by Kumar, and it feels similar to my awesome 22 ounce KLO from another manufacturer. It does not feel like 32 ounces. I even weighed it to be sure. It just has great balance as well. This company makes a fantastic product. Dobe_1, I think this will be everything you said it would be.
Your video is what made me seriously consider my M43 purchase initially . And then Auntie told me she had one for $100 and the rest was history .

Thats awesome a great deal, i paid full retail off her site as she never had any on deal of the day but i love em, cannot beat them for durability and cutting, as well as break resistance
I got my M43 for $100 ? For the life of me I can't figure out why . I'm sure Auntie must have seen something that was sub par ? I've looked over this thing a zillion times while admiring it an can't see a single thing . That just reinforces what I've always read/heard about HI being the gold standard .
There may not be anything wrong with it. Yangdu follows some general principles about pricing, but she's very flexible. She values repeat customers, and I suspect she's very aware that most forumites are working people who can only afford to spend so much on knives. Most of the DOTD's have minor cosmetic flaws that are easily fixed or can be ignored, yet their prices are marked way down. Some of the DOTD's are flawless. It keeps the transactions flowing, keeps the kamis working, and is a good deal for buyers and sellers.