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Little Green Linen Lovin' ...Finally


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Jul 24, 2004
I just got my CGFBM with mag green linen and it is awesome. The linen is WAY darker than the image on the website but does show the green pretty well and is a nice change from the black canvas for me. The texture is much finer and is probably between the canvas and G10 in terms of feel... just a guess. I think the FBM just became my favorite knife. My SFNO was the gateway drug...er knife, then the HOGFSH and now a third FBM (LE is on the way) seems like a necessity!


Congrats!!! And thanks for finaly being the one to post the green linen!! :thumbup: :thumbup:

I'm glad I ordered my CG FBM in blk w/ green linen mags last night. :D :D :D
Yes, Yes, finally.......you don't know how long we have been waiting for this.....Thank you.

It is a lot darker than Black Cavas.

Seriously Jerry, how do you came out with that color of the pic on the website. Now I hv to wait longer to get mine :thumbdn:
I got one just like it so I KNOW how cool yours is! :thumbup: :thumbup: :D Love those mag grips!!
Cool. I've got two of those coming. One in standard. One in mags.

One of those is definitely going to get whacked when it gets here.
Thank you for being the first one to post pictures of green linen mags, looks badass :thumbup: :cool:

Can't wait for my Green Linen/Jungle Camo to get here. I'll try to find a way to take some pictures of it, even though I don't have a camera.
Great pic's, thanks for the view.

I should get my standard Green Linen / Black FBM on tues. (hope hope hope)

I'll post pic's of the standard scales.
Holy smokes, dunner!! A third FBM??! :eek:

You are outta control!!! ...I like it. :D :cool:
Very nice, I haven't seen those green linen yet and they look great. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your pics for the "FBM Compilation thread" if you want them removed please let me know

I'm glad my knife got immortalized in your thread Eric ;) It's a great thread and I refer to it often.