"Little" KISS?


Nov 8, 1998
Anyone see/handle one of these yet? It's not actually named "Little KISS", but I forget the actual name.

Saw it posted on ABC direct today. Smaller than the KISS, not a tanto blade, and I imagine lighter. Might be my new money clip.

It's called the Peck, or Precision Engineered Compact Knife. Cute, huh? It looks pretty nice. Sheepsfoot blade, and an oval shape to the handle. I think you can see a picture on the Knife Center of the Internet.
Not only have I seen pictures but I have also played with one.It is a VERY small knife.At first it appears to be too small(very strange to handle after being used to a full size KISS)It's operation is very smooth for a small knife once you get used to it.Definitely do NOT count on it for defense purposes,unless you are close enuogh to stick someone in their eye.It would serve well as a cigar nipper , box opener , or other small tasks.My overall impression is that it could be classified as "cute" .
The pECK is every bit as well finished as the larger KISS knives and really a more utilitarian size, in a way. It is small enough to carry on a key ring. Also, as a money clip, it's a less clumsy size. The price is incredible and the blade shape is probably better for opening boxes. Plain edge only so far and I believe that is the plan
We have them on our home page at
I just got two PECKs in and I like them a lot. They are handier than the larger KISS, which I have been carrying for the last couple months.

I never did like the wide clip on the KISS, and the Peck's is much thinnner. The plain edge is very handy too and the point digs into boxes nicely. I think it'll be a great little utilitarian everyday knife.