Little Spots of Orange On New Kershaw Zing?

Mar 19, 2010
My new but, unused Zing has little orange spots on it. Is it rust or something else?

If it is rust how do I remove it?

I can take pics if needed.
If the rust is limited to small dot like spots on the blade sides then it most like due to water VAPOR CONDENSING on the surface of the unprotected steel. Larger patches of rust are most frequently caused by DIRECT physical contact with liquids or other moist materials. You can use an eraser to remove the spots. I suggest you use a pencil eraser not a pen eraser as some of them contain an abrasive grit which can scratch the surrounding finish. Flitz metal polish is also good but heavy use can also change the blade finish. Carrying the knife next to your sweaty body (no offence intended) will expose the knife to rusting conditions from BOTH condensation and direct contact with moisture. The underlying concept is to provide a moisture and air barrier between the steel and any source of corrosion.As Bill DeShivs suggested oil works just fine as a rust preventative. There are many synthetic products available that are not food safe but appear superior to some simple oils for both lubrication and rust inhibition. Dust and other foreign material that sits on the blade due to lack of use will sponge up atmospheric moisture and hold it against the steel. Inactivity is not good for your knife. If you are daily carrying your knife and are seeing rust spots on the blade sides then the odds are that the cutting edge is also experiencing the same condition. Its' just harder to see it. The micro serrations of the extreme edge may in fact be more prone to rust then the smooth surface of the sides. The edge is also subjected to having whatever you are cutting ground onto its surface . This material can also attract and hold moisture. Unless its' removed through use or otherwise this will reduce the cutting efficiency of what otherwise appears to be a well maintained knife. This is just the observations of one old dude. OldDude1