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Feb 13, 1999
Hey everyone,
I have been talking to local people about knives a lot (I know I should be careful, they might have a reason for their knives) and the other day, I noticed a little tiny knife on this guy's key chain. It couldn't have been more than an inch long closed. When I asked him about it, he said he got it as a present a while ago and showed me another one. One was a little tiny switchblade and the other was a balisong. I was amaised that the balisong moved correctly. Have any of you seen other really small knives like these or know where to get them? I think they are pretty funny because you can pull them out and people will not have the "He's got a knife!" reaction, it will be more like, "What is that little thingee?"...

Miniature knives are actually a collectible niche' unto themselves.

At the recent Oregon Knife Collector's Show, I saw one vendor displaying the most elabortate miniatures you can imagine. There was a bowie that was only maybe an inch and a half long that was done pefectly to scale. The ivory handles had been scrimshawed. With the aide of a microscope, you could see how intricate this real, hand-done scrimshaw was. Even the maker's mark on the blade was in perfect detail and to perfect scale.

For me, these tiny knives are only a curiosity, but there makers who make only these and there are people who collect them and pay big bucks for especially nice ones.

Maybe, you've found your niche'.


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<a href="">Check out these miniatures.</a>

I love miniatures to. Jot Khalsa makes some into necklaces which I have a few of as well. See him at the Blade Show if you go and try this link as well.

<a href="">Click Here</a>
You will find 69 sites for mini knives.

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I've seen some tiny keychain Balisongs in a catalog sent to me by Bruce at Bullman Cutlery ( Unfortunately he is getting married so hid website isn't accepting orders for a while...