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Rob Simonich

Big Bear
Oct 3, 1998
Hello from hot and sticky Atlanta, First off dont believe a word Shaded Dude says about Friday night at Ruby Tuesdays! And Spark really didnt have to pour me out of the van when he gave me a ride to my hotel. I can say we tried to drink all the liquior that they had in Atlanta, seeing as Mike was buying. I woke up Saturday morning and the 1812 overture complete with cannons was playing in my head! I have met a lot of the folks that belong to the forums here, what a great bunch. I think Dexter Eweing wonders a bit if I will survive and make it home. I stick out like a rasin in a bowl of rice! I will write a bunch more if I make it back, gotta go, see you all later!
Rob, I dunno
Talked to Christine and she confirms that you tried to go swimming and I don't mean in any lake
hehehehehehe. You know them thar folks from the big cities are gonna wonder about us folks living in the middle of nowhere, what with all your carryin' on. Did ya get the kink in yer neck fixed? Thought Doc warned ya about looking at them tall buildings instead of where ya were walkin'. Seems every thread I read mentions sumpin about Simonich entertaining. You spinning tall yarns or just kickin up yer heels on table tops? And what's the bit about a raisin in a bowl of rice? They think you were that wrinkled from the sun and wind? Ya should have simply told em that it weren't no raisin but jost a weevil that made it through the oven cycle. Sounds like I missed a hell of a time. Maybe next year.

take care p'dner


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Rob...all I gotta say is you better make it back. I still have a couple of knives on backorder.

Jeff Jenness
Yes, Rob, remember those commitments. And don't forget the one regarding your wedding date! Sounds like you started that bachelor party early

Oh, c'mon guys, give Rob a break, I'm sure he was a perfect gentleman. Why, I've been told that knifemakers are a pretty sedate and serious lot, concentrating on their art and foregoing the pleasures of the flesh.
Right Rob ? Rob, oh Rob...hmmm, must be at a Talonite seminar.
It may not have been all Rob's fault Friday night, it seems Spark tried his mojo on the waitress and boy she took off right past him and strait over to Rob! I asked Rob what it was that he said to the waitress, seems he doesnt remember, but whatever it was worked ALOT better than Sparks mojo ;D

Also stay tuned for Rob's "How to climb a cliff to escape a bear, without scratching your knife" video, due to come out someday in the next centuryish.
Well Bob, the kink in the neck is gone, I still have jet lag, (whatever that is) and am glad to be home where when you wave at folks on the street they wave back. (Too many to wave at in Atlanta) Never mind about the rasin in the bowl of rice, he he he. Bob, you missed a hell of a good time! All the forum folks I met were great! I cant mention them all because it would take me half the night with 2 fingers typing!

You guys worried about the knives you have on order, I gave my 2 weeks notice today, they were a little dumbfounded that I gave it to them verbally, so they says put it in writing. I took a piece of scrap paper off the table, crossed out the drawings, and wrote, "I quit in June 28th 1999, signed Rob Simonich. They crapped their pants! ha ha ha ha ha

I will still be running a bit behind, thanks for all your patience!

Brian, you are wrong! ha ha

Shaded Dude, I have done some more testing, and it is the Black Hat! Next time you see Spark, dont be surprised if he is wearing a big ol black hat!

It was a pleasure meeting up with you, Rob. You did not stand out near as much as the guy in the turban (Jot Sing Khalsa.....I kept missing his table) or the little guy that was walking around hunched over beause he had 50 pounds of knives hidden in his photographers vest..

Spark definatly needs one of those black hats!!!!

Congratulations on quiting your job! (So now its 8 months right?

Yekim is right, the guy in the turban stood out way more than Rob!