Livesay Little Pecker Revisited


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Oct 14, 1998
This is the old version sans filework, what's been said before is true, it's finger cutout and 1/8" thickness make it natural for saber and icepick grips.

At 8" OA, the grind lines are pretty even, though the tip might seem thick it's pointy enough. The neck sheath is very tight, which I like and with some creativity it makes a good slip sheath. The powder coated 1095 can have a hard time with rust so sweat and salty environments may be factors.

This neck knife runs circles around the CRKT KISS I had, I wish I ordered it back then. The finger cutout has a big man's finger in mind, so this small package has something for everyone.Fans of the Spyderco Moran will like the blade shape, which really is wicked sharp and what the pics don't show is that the blade is just as big as Spyderco Military in height, lots of belly.

I've got 2 of them and I think that they are as good as pockets on shirts.

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