Livesay options

May 12, 2000
Which would you choose for an all around woods knife. The RTAK, RCM, or the ITK?
I don't know the ITK, but the RCM and RTAK are really BIG knives. I wouldn't choose either unless you were really going to live in the woods, building shelters, etc. My favorite Livesay for general purpose camping use is the model 131 Air Assault.
Ditto on the Air Assault-
Unless you're really beating the bush, the AA will serve you just fine. Mine has handled everything from food prep to light chopping.

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I like big blades myself, and would go with the RTAK. I own a HKR from Newt and it's a great oudoor blade. I really like the sheath too.
You have the HKR???? PLEASE post a pic or 2! Now thats a knife!

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I have the RTAK. I love it. It chops very well although I think the flat grind causes it to get stuck in wood more often than a hollow grind would. It's a big knife, best suited to chopping- probably better at slashing jungle vegetation (I've never tried that though.
I think a medium-sized knife would be better for all-around duty. <A HREF="">the Air Assault</A>