Livesay RTAK....Opinions?

Sep 8, 1999
I just ordered one of these puppies...I just couldn't resist. Anybody own one of these or have any opinions on it?
Been interested in these myself. There have been several posts lately about them and other Wicked Knives both here and in the Reviews section. You might try a search.


Clay Fleischer
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I happen to love mine. Best $150 ever spent for a knife. Probably the BEST knife EVER MADE for that price. A lot bigger and stronger than you might expect - VERY STOUT. I love the fact that it's not too heavy. It is a real solid work horse that can and will, serve as a multi-purpose blade. It's thin enough to filet fish, and cut grass, small vegetation and branches. It is long enough and thick enough, to serve as a small machete, and will chop wood real well - for shelter or firewood. It is an all around awesome survival knife, that you'd expect Tarzan to be carrying. I don't see how anybody would be disappointed with theirs - unless of course they disliked LARGE blades. I want to buy another, just incase anything ever happens to mine (confiscated, stolen, etc.). I would go through a lot of troublee TRYING to break mine - doubt if I could. The Kydex sheath it comes with is AWESOME, and gotta be worth $60 by itself.