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Livesay Wasp?


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Aug 20, 1999
Lotsa good stuff has been said about the RTAK, are there any Wasp owners out there?
Whaddaya think about it?
Ebbtide out.
I have the RTAK, RCM, And Wasp. all work well, I have more fun with the Wasp.

The thorn stands to defend the Rose, yet it is peaceful and does not seek conflict
How does the "wedge" grind work in chopping? The only thing that kept me from ordering this was the lack of a flat grind. Maybe I'll reconsider.
"wedge grind"?
Please explain. I've heard of chisels, sabers, hollows & flat grinds, but not wedges!
Ebbtide out.
Click here for info on the Wasp.

The Wasp is advertised as a "double flat grind" which I missed the first time. I'll have to ask Newt what he means by "wedge sharpened."

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Thanx 4th!
I've been there a whole lot lately

Just can't seem to make a decision...
Ebbtide out.