Livesay Zipper

Oct 6, 2000
I have been cosidering a neck knife, but most of them seem bulky and not something I want to hang around my neck. The Livesay Zipper seems pretty cool however. Thin, lightweight etc. Anyone have any feedback on this little knife? Thanks in advance!
I have a Zipper & have even carried it a few times. It's basically a prison shiv in a Kydex sheath. They're made from the "waste" created when 2 Woo knives are cut from the metal stock. It's an evil little penetrator, but there's no real edge & the grind angle is so steep that it's very hard if not almost impossible to put a working edge on them. It's not a "utility" knife at all. It's a purely purpose-driven design. (Now someone is going to make a liar out of me by putting a razor edge on one.) Any of Newts neck knives are a good choice- Hard to go wrong with the Executive NRG.
If weight/bulk are an issue, check the new Arclite by Camillus- good size/shape/weight/cost & more of a utility piece than the zipper. The Zipper is designed as a weapon.

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I do not have a Zipper but I own a Woo and a SOP. I caried the SOP when I worked undercover as a narc officer. I found the SOP to be a great knife. Iwas able to get it shaving sharp and it is a great utility tool . Newt's Knifes are not pretty but they do the job and they do it great. You will not go wrong with one of his knives no matter what it is .
The other part of the "waste" of the Woo is the G45. The Zipper is a bit thin and may be tricky to get a good and quick hold of if you need it in a hurry. The Woo is a bit large for a neck knife. The G45 is a good compromise with cord wrap and is a bit shorter than the Zipper and not as wide as the Woo. IME, none of them come or can be made sharp for UTILITY. But as already mentioned they are quite satisfactory for a "thrust and get out" situation.


PS- G45 in good condition for sale!
I recommend taking at look at Bob Dozier's Razorback Neck knife
It might seem like alot to spend but I have one and I can safely say that it will perform everyday utility chores like a champ and IMO the blade design is great for Self Defense purposes.

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