Llama Skinning Knife

Jun 16, 2003
Guy on ePrey is trying to peddle the 10/$25 kardas for $5.00 ->

He says ( :rolleyes: ) they were used to cut up llamas. Could he mean the famous Royal Llamas of Nepal? The Keeper of the Royal Llamas would be very, very upset. :mad:
The great thing about the torture knives is that they have so many uses. Interestingly, the Nepali penchant for decrapitating llamas did nothing to alleviate the racial terror of head loss suffered by the Japanese during WWII as the faced the Ghurkas.

Josh...I'm not surprised that the Japanese didn't want to be decrapitated...
The little knives are _obviously_ for dressing out and cutting up Llamas. Duh! And they did a damn fine job of it too! When's the last time you saw a llama in Nepal?

Thank goodness someone smuggled a couple of breeding pair to South America or the Nepalese with their little kardas would have completely wiped them out!


Maybe we're both wrong...

If decrapitate means to remove the ability to "crap"....

Removal of the buttocks wouldn't work.

Removal of the sphincter would be like removing the fire hydrant from the water pipe.

The first option doesn't affect the mechanism and the second one takes away all regulation of flow.

It's been a slow day at work. :rolleyes:
to decrapitate, you'd have to prevent the output from ever developing: a cork of correct size stuffed down the intended victims oral opening, or lips super-glued might work, or surgical staples. if nuthin gets in, nuthin gets out - a paraphrasing of the old computer saying 'GIGO' (garbage in, garbage out).

llama stew just ain't the same unless it's made with pure-bred nepalese llama fillets, them torture knives have a lot to answer for, especially the blunt one which takes forever to sharpen.