LM Kick

Oct 26, 2003
Thinking of the LM Kick. Like the light weight, but the tools don't lock. How important is the locking feature ?
I think the locking feature is important if you are going to be using the Tool for medium to heavy chores. I currently carry and use a new Blast, and I feel more confident knowing the tools will not close up at the wrong time! :D
I used a Wave everday at work for over a year.
I do appliance repair and refrigeration work.

I got by with the tools not locking, but always thought it would be nice if they did.

One of the reasons I bought a Leatherman Blast today is because of the locking tools.

I also used a Super tool 200 for months and loved the locking tools, but I really hate the lock release on it.

Another reason I bought a Leatherman Blast today was because of the new style lock release.

The Charge looks like a great model, but the short bit drivers it uses would not be all the useful to me.

I used the long phillips driver on my Wave all the time and I like how long it is.
The other people I work with use them Gerber things ;) and there are many times the phillips drivers on there Gerbers are just to short to be used in the type of work we do.

Anyway I like the locking tools. :)