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LM Micra not allowed in courthouse

Apr 30, 1999
I went earlier this week to see my probation officer (long story) and I left my small sebenza in the car of coarse, but left my micra on my key chain. The baliff at the entrance saw it and kinda looked at it but didn't say anything. After I walked through the metel detecter I flipped it open and said "scissors" , I was kinda hoping he was a fellow knife fan but he said I'd have to leave it with him because they have to keep anything that could be used as a weapon. I guess this really isn't a big deal but come on! a micra as a weapon?
Don't laugh to hard, but once I went with my mother to traffic court. They ignored my Kubaton on my keychain, but they made her remove a knob from a kitchen drawer that she was carrying around in her purse. She had been trying to match it up at the hardware store earlier. Yes, they made her leave it and pick it up after court. What's up with that? They must of thought she was going to bean the judge in the head with it or something. Geesh, what idiots!

"May you live in interesting times"

AKTI - A000389
The lawyer I sleep with (she wasn't one when I married her
) had a stainless steel salad fork in her briefcase intercepted by security at San Fernando, CA Superior Court a few years ago. She got it back when she left, and she's now known as "Toni the Fork."

Another lawyer in our circle has had a Spyderco Ladybug turned away, but his Micra was admitted after the guard consulted his superior. Never mind that a ball point pen has about 5" of penetration!

Last year, in another courthouse, a guy who was there to be sentenced came with a plastic letter opener and used it to stab the DA in the neck. She recovered, but it was "suicide by cop" for the perp. Now the legislature is trying to make a law. I'll have to check on its progress.

I own a slate roofing company, and do lots of work on court houses. One of them installed metal detectors last year, with a Deputy to man the thing. I had left my knife in my pocket and she woulsn't let me take it through. The only easy way to get to the roof is out a roof hatch in the attic. The eave is tleast 60 feet of the ground.

I told the deputy that if she didn't like the looks of my knife she definately did not want to see the tools I was going to bring in through the basement. (Slate hammer and ripper are nasty looking).

There is another court house not 50 feet away, next door that also has a metal detector but I know the deputy there. When I need to get in he comes to the door and helps me get my tools arround the metal detector, never even blinks at the AFCK in my hip pocket. It really is all in who you know I guess.
I went to jury duty a couple of months ago and took the Ladybug & micra off my keyring. That really bothered me because I'm a compulsive nail cleaner and filer (recovering nail biter) when I'm sitting around bored. At lunch I put the micra back on my ring and tossed it in the change tray. The marshall didn't look twice at it.


I've been in and out of the Wake County courthouse in Raleigh a couple of times and had no problems. I did leave the delica and stryker back at the office though.
when i went into the new york city courthouse (just researching, i havent done anything wrong and got caught....yet
they kept my leatherman wave and gerber multi-lite(i need to get a photon) but didnt even notice my swiss-tech utilikey amongst my other keys.
i had left all my other knives back at home before going in.
the utilikey isnt to terribly usefull, but i dont think im ever going to have to worry about security holding/confiscating it.
I've found my Utility Key very useful. I had jury duty awhile back and they asked about my Ladybug, but never noticed the Utility Key. I recommend it to everyone. I have used the little screwdrivers a bunch.

About a year ago I went to the CO. Courthouse to apply for a handgun permit, and forgot to do a "load-out" first. Just waltzed merrily through the metal detector. BRRRRRRZZZZZP!!!

After finally finding everything with the wand (Leatherman Supertool, SAK, Micra, Mag-Light, Zippo, Survival card in wallet, pin in shoulder etc.) I left everything (except the pin) with the guard, who was quite polite about the whole thing. Fortunately, I wasn't toting anything to raise eyebrows that day.

When I came back to pick the permit up, I took pains to leave all hardware in the car. Coming through the door I noticed the same guard was on duty. When I'd made my way through the queue, the guard looked around for a superior and, seeing none, just waved me around the side.