Lock back knives

Jan 9, 1999
I have been reading with interest the thread on the Delta Z sale. Started looking at the lock back knives listed and it got me to thinking. Which is a rare thing indeed. Anyways years ago when I road with a club as an associate everyone carried a lockback it seemed amongst other items. But the lockback was the most prvelant.
So off to Wally World I go yesterday to see what they have. They indeed had a nice selection of Bucks, Gerbers, and Old Timers(Schrade). The nice thing is I was able to look at alot of them and decided on the Old Timer. Not as highly finished as a 110 but it had a heavy leather pouch sheath. The others came with nylon. Yuk. The next lock back is going to be the Gerber Gator. Very nice ergonomics but a bit more expensive but not by much. I also had in my mind harkening back to when I carried a revolver for my ccw and not my .45. Hence a lockback with a nice leather sheath for nostalgia purposes. I am also broaching the idea of gettin in the wind again. My wife is pretty nervous about that and not particularly sold on the idea. Although she did mention a muscle car would be enjoyable. Ah, nothing like the sound of 48" drag pipes though mated to a mildly stroked shovel.

The specifics on the knife are brass liners, thicker than the Buck 110 with heavy milled delrin handle slabs. Lock up is very tight for now and overall it is a heavier feeling knife and thicker too. More so than either of the other two. The Gerber was extremely solid but wanted to get the leather pouch sheath which neither the Buck nor Gerber came with. The blade is almost identical to the Buck both in shape and thickness and in length. But the Buck was a little nicer finish wise. Paid 24 buck plus tax for the Old Timer came home and sharpened it free hand to a razors edge. Took a bit of time too. I thought it would be easier to sharpen than it turned out to be but once the edge was there holy crapola watch out. It also has an extremely sharp point on it that hits about directly in line with the top of the blade. The blade and lock are of the same thickness and they are not rounded in any way whereas the top of the lock and the top of the back of the blade where they meant on the Buck were.

I also have an old Craftsman lock back I scrounged up and put itin my old Case leather pouch. It is in primio condition too. Can't for the life of me remember when and where I bought the thing. I know it was at Sears though! i noticed also that the shape of this blade is pretty much a dead ringer for the Buck and Schrade. Sharpened the same and the knife seems a bit more nicely finished than the Schrade but stillnot as a high of a polish as the Buck. Liners are bit thinner than the Schrade though. Haven't used these to any great degree and probably won't. Just wanted one and now I have two due to a nice find. Keep'em sharp
SOG also makes a mighty fine, very sturdy lock back knife that they call the Tomcat. The older model that I have has the old-fashioned "nail-nick" (no hole or thumb-stud), and no pocket-clip to interfere with the nice feel of the knife in your hand.
I believe you have yourself an LB7. In league with the venerable Buck 110.

I'm a romantic too, but I just can't handle the weight or bulkiness of brass & wood when compared to modern synthetics. For the same reason I chose a tuppergun instean of a revolver or steel frame auto - more bang, less weight. Tradition be darned, I'll take the lighter tool every time.
>"Tradition be darned, I'll take the lighter tool every time."


That's what I say every time I clip my Spyderco frn Endura to my jeans, leaving behind a number of rarely used large folders.
The one lock-back I keep coming back to is the FRN Delica. It's just a highly versatile design. Spyderco's excellent execution of the design just makes it that much sweeter.

I've never been into lockbacks, but I really need to pick up a Spyderco and a Buck 110 sometime...
Originally posted by longbow
The next lock back is going to be the Gerber Gator. Very nice ergonomics but a bit more expensive but not by much.

I don't think you'll be sorry after you pick up the Gator, longbow. It's not as "gee whiz" as say a Spyderco, but it's a very solid knife. My "work" EDC (the one that actually DOES some work, rather than wait for "just in case") for three years has been a Gerber Gator 650. And the nylon sheath is still hanging together.

For what it's been through I say it's a full 5 star knife.

Hope you get your knees back in the breeze.
I have been using the OT around the house but nothing really heavy duty. Seems to work fine but you do get used to the thumb stud etc. My wife kinds of likes it just cause it gives some weight to using it and she knows where the blade is at all times in doing so. Same feeling she had when using the Pro Lite. Heavy enough for her to use but again she knew where the blade was at all times. Keep'em sharp