Lock Failure, Your thoughts and Experiances.

Mar 19, 1999
well, hello people, the reason i am writing this post is to see what your experiances are with lock failure, me, i have many. Why this is written is because today i did alittle test, i have alot of tactical folders, but two of my favorites are the Military-new version, and my SOCOM. Both of these folders have steel locking liners, steel is becoming my favorite material for liners, not titanium. The reason why, steel will wear less, and if created well will not fail, titanium wears too fast, but has the tendancy to gall, or stick to the tang, both these materials are great for liners. Really the only 3 folders i own with a steel liner are my mini-afck, military, and socom. Today i tested all of them, i grabbed the handle on the mini-afck, and whacked the spine of the blade against a solid formica desk, the lock failed 8 out of 10 times, next my biggest disappointment is the SOCOM lg. clip. did the same with this, it failed 6 out 10 times, and last, the Military, with all the 10 whacks, this knife did not fail, amazing. Now, why the hell did my mini-afck fail, and especially my SOCOM, i bought my SOCOM from Cutlery Shoppe about 1-2months ago, this is a no flaw perfect knife, why did it fail. How come my Military didn't fail, is it a different steel they use for the liner or what. Basically what i'm trying to say is SHOULD YOU CARRY OR BUY A KNIFE THAT WILL FAIL, IF THE LOCK FAILS NO MATTER HOW PERFECT IT'S MADE LIKE THE SOCCOM, DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Sorry if that was harsh for ya'll, i'm not trying to boycott the socom in any way, i just wish there would be other great stainless steel liner locks out there like the Military. All my titanium liner locks never failed, i just wish titanium wouldn't wear as fast as it does. Thanks for your time every one, by the way, i'll be at the IRC chat tonight at 8pm eastern time, please come an chat.....

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I just don't buy linerlocks anymore, the matter how attractive the knife otherwise -- especially if it is to have a "defensive" intent.

For example,I like the military and how it feels in the hand. But I'll wait for the rolling lock version.

If the knife has to be used defensively, one is in deep doodoo. No sense in giving "Murphy" any more help.

Rage, what you are talking about is why I don't get the current delirium over liner locks.

I know they are fun to play and fiddle with (it is a great feeling when the liner of a well made knife clicks into place). But to construct and purchase these for combat or heavy use situations is downright silly. If I ever had to use a knife in a tough or life threatening situation, I certainly don't want to be thinking about the possibility of lock failure. To carry anything but a fixed blade for personal protection or heavy use is shear folly. There are just too many mechanical and situational "ifs" involved.

If you need a small knife to perform general, light-duty cutting tasks on a regular basis, liners are fine. But when I hear liners called "Tactical" or "Combat" folders I just chuckle inside. IMHO, such titles are part of the biggest marketing scam since the pet rock.

Despite the prowess, skill or reputation of the maker, there is only a small % (if any)of liners than can hold up to the rigors that fixed blades endure. The very nature of the design is comparatively fragile. Sure, liners are fun, liners look cool, liners are nifty. Just don't try to convince me that they hold up to real world heavy usage.

Let the beatings begin... I'm ready.
From: Ivan8883@aol.com5-6-99-1105PMEDT I would not worry about my C.S. big Gunsite failing me in a tough situation,although maybe it should not be considered in this discussion since it is a lockback knife(IT is more like a small sword and would be used as a slasher) For me I would take the big Gunsite over anyother linerlock or lockback knife. What do you guys think on the subject of strength of big Gunsite? Ivan

I am in complete agreement that the best knife for personal protection is a fixed blade. Unfortunately, many jurisdictions have declared the concealed carry of fixed blades illegal, while concealed carry folders are still allowed. The open carry of a fixed blade is a sure trip to the human resources office in many work places, while the carrying of a folder is accepted as normal. That is why a folder with an adequate lock has merit for self protection given the current laws and public attitudes.

Axel, I'd still pick a solid lockback over a liner lock, if a folder was my only choice.
Either way, I wouldn't trust a folder to save my life. Thugs are too well armed and too wicked today.

I find it so strange that we live in a time where violence is so prevalent, but decent people are reduced to considering pocket knives as their first line of self-defense.
I guess its the hand we have dealt ourselves by not standing up to idiotic, knee-jerk legislation, and politically correct company policies created to prevent corporate litigation.

And its gonna get worse.

My next carry knife will be a Rolling lock Crawford Kasper Fighting Folder. I'll see if the Rolling lock lives up to its reputation.

I would rather carry a handgun for defense, but the legislators in MD have made that out of reach. Pepper spray and folders are about it.

Re: MD and their AFU laws....

What about carrying a big stick.... literally? Like a walking stick? Or do you have to be handicapped and have a sticker on your forehead to get by with that? And, I'm not poking fun specifically at you Axel Yup. I'm in MD, too.

I sometimes wonder if it would be worth it to carry a fixed blade anyway, regardless. But, you'd probably have so much heat come down on you for that, you might as well and just carry the firearm...but I'm not even gonna thouch that.


Live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse, it's the only way to win.

Hopefully, it never comes down to the need for steel. I try to keep my wits about me at all times as well as a heightened sense of awareness. I also have an extra security blanket(ready for this) I believe the Lord Jesus watches over me as well; as many times I have had a "close" call and felt His presence and protection.
Bearing that in mind, I still carry but not so much for defense as for utility. I will say that if it came down to it I could bring Mr. Military into action.
I too have considered fixed blade carry and consider the area I will be in, the company I will be keeping and my familiarity with my surroundings etc....
If I am on a long road trip or out in the woods, you bet your sweet "sheath" I carry Fixed.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

I have thought of carrying something like a Canemaster's cane. I think it has merit. My problem is that I would probably leave it at home because it is so big. If I were 30 years older, I might feel comfortable carrying one all the time.

Now if I routinely took walks, I would consider carrying one, especially if there were unfriendly dogs around. The good thing about a folder is that it is always with you.

Axel and O-D,

I do indeed carry a "walking cane" when I take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. I also have a folder and a neck knife. The cane is extremely good defense against either four footed or two footed BGs. If you decide to carry a cane, I would recommend a minimal couple of months of training in cane and or stick use. It makes it feel much more natural for defense.

The cane is so good because it gives you some distance. You don't have to be old to carry one, and it isn't illegal (unless it's got a sword inside). That, of course, is a no-no in the Free State of Maryland.

Stay safe.