Lockback Depth ?


Feb 4, 1999
I have a few Cs Voyagers (Gunsites & Clip Points) and although they SEEM strong and have never failed in TESTING they are NOWHERE near as deep as the Benchmade Ascent Drop Point I just bought.

The benchmade must be pressed way down in the handle to be disengaged, while the CS Voyagers only need to be pressed in about .065 or so, the BM engagement is about .095, that is alot IMHO.

What's the relative length from the locking bar pivot to the access notch in the handle? What's the length from the locking bar pivot to the notch? It's hard to judge your info without that information, because these are levers, and their vertical travel doesn't tell the whole story without knowing what the length of the arm is.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)