locks that FAILED -- tell us your story

I had a cheapy Chinese spydie LB knock-off close on me once. It was a freebie. Got tossed immediately.

Had an old girlfriend who would "accesorize" with various clip it folders. She had them laying out on her vanity next to the cosmetics and jewelry. I picked them up and "spine whacked" them one by one. I really nice looking Benchmade liner lock failed. Said she'd paid @ $100 for it. I suggested that she take it out of rotation.

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diablero said:
She had them laying out on her vanity next to the cosmetics and jewelry. I picked them up and "spine whacked" them one by one


i bet she didin't say "thank you for testing my knives diablero, how nice of you"...... :D . didn't see freak out when see saw you abusing her precious knives? :confused:
had two "21st century locks" AKA the rekat rolling lock fail on me, a smooth handle sifu and a std sifu, the lock would seem to be engaging but just a little bit of pressure would make it fail, cut myself twice, really a sorry lock imho, at least on the sifu,

other than the rekat the only failure has been w/a CRKT kasper, which CRKT replaced (and were a lot easier to deal with than the rekat folks too, a $35 knife vs a $200 knife, go figure..........
A Cold Steel liner lock closed on me. I was cutting some PVC pipe outside in a too small of a hole. Could have been the dirt or I may have twisted I don't really know.
I currently own many liner lock folders (Emersons, Microtechs, CRKTs etc), three backlocks (Spyderco, Benchmade, Cold Steel) and a framelock (Benchmade). I never had one of their locks fail on me - and I do lots of spinewhacking and white-knuckle-grip-testing on each one of my folders.
The only lock that failed on me doesn't really count, it was an M-Tech folder I didn't trust in the first place and I certainly didn't consider that POS part of my collection (just bought it because I wanted to see what tactical folder manufacturers can offer in the sub-20$ price range). Even that folder took a few dozen forceful spinewhack tests to make the liner lock fail though.
The most serious failures I've seen are when standing in line at an auto parts store or truckstop and I play with the cheap knockoffs they sell by the dozen. 3 out of 5 open and close and the lock never engages.
Personally I test my new knives by tapping them on my Cabela's catalog 2 or three times. I only had one knife fail. I sent it in for repair and back it came perfect. Ive never had a lock fail during use .
An old Benchmade Ascent that I had would fail the spine whack test. The problems with that model were well documented and I think Benchmade eventually redesigned it.

Unfortunately, I recently discovered that my Spyderco Bob Lum Chinese folder fails the spine whack test. That’s a real bummer, as it’s one of my all time favorite knives.

I had a Spyderco Chinook close on me once, but that was more “user error” than “lock failure”. Some pocket lint got into the notch in the tang and prevented it from fully locking up.
My Spyderco Peter Herbst Ti SECOND, it's liner will start moving when you apply pressure. Still love the design