Locusts - The First Wave

Oct 20, 2000
Recently, I have come across reports of swarms of locusts, miles long, over countries like China, and other parts of central Asia. Along side this item, are breaking news of volcanic eruptions in South America, parts of Asia and some places where one doesn't expect such physical upheavels to take place.

Also disturbing are tremors and earthquakes of alarming intensities.
Without dragging the discussion into biblical proportions, is there any plausible scientific explanations for these natural disasters occurring with such unnatural frequency?

Being a non-scientific person, I am inclined to think it may have something to do with the rapid melting of the polar ice caps and the disastrous expansion of the ozone gap above the polar regions.

Coupled with the rapid spread of Mad Cow disease, HIV virus and the insidious emergence of new TB strains, the Earth as we all know it now, seems to have her hands full trying to make the planet sustainable for all men of goodwill and bad.

I suppose to a large extent, man is responsible for the present state of affairs.Being a person of reasonable fears, I reckon if the global situation is allowed to persist at this level, we so-called homo sapiens may join the ranks of the dinosaurs sooner than expected.

The question is: what counter measures can man take to save first the wilderness, and then himself and others?
The magnitude of the question is in direct proportion to the concept of infinity; there will never be a conclusive answer. The human species evolves and diminishes much like the uprise of mountains and the downfall of earthquakes. In the interim we starve, rebuild, eliminate,co-operate,travel through space, infect ourselves and discover new ways to exist.

The atoms that make up mother earth pre-exist her children and will live beyond them, unless the next BIG BANG occurs in a violent confrontation among her siblings, in which case father sky will gather the remainder and treat it as if there was no beginning. Infinity will exist and pehaps we can start again.

Until then, lets try to imagine a different conclusion. Thank you for the question..FF
Though I am not a "Flaming beleiver", please refer to the books of Daniel and Revalation.
Originally posted by golok
The question is: what counter measures can man take to save first the wilderness, and then himself and others?
Understand that geophysical upheavals, diseases, and human portenders of doom have always been existent and will no doubt continue after each of us here is gone. Without getting too metaphysical, IMHO the cosmos is being handled by someone bigger than me and the best I can do is leave that entity to take care of it. :) My job is to handle the smaller, more immediate tasks I've been given.

Re: your question of what can a person do. I like the overview offered by the credo, "Think globally, act locally" coupled with the Boy Scout motto of "Be Prepared!" From your locale try to see the bigger picture, then keep your individual (local) actions in line with it, hopefully helping it become the reality within the realm of what you do.

On a more practical "what can I do" level:
  • think about & try to prepare yourself mentally for the unexpected or not yet seen emergencies
  • determine what resources you already have to eliminate or limit the damage & trauma of them
  • train yourself & those you're responsible for how to act & react in the face of these occurances. HAVE A PLAN!!
  • acquire & stock up on the resources you anticipate will be needed
  • go back to the top of this list & start over, rethinking what you may have missed
Apply the "Be Prepared" idea on a sliding scale. What small emergencies are you ready for right now?? Kitchen fire? (fire extinguisher)? Electricity goes off for a couple of hours (flashlight, cellphone, battery radio) Car ahead of you slams on his brakes? (attention, distance) Your foot rolls off the rock on the trail? (high-top boots, first aid training, improvised bandage/splint) Then go up to bigger events. House fire? (evac plan, bugout bag, cellphone) Electricity goes off for days/weeks? (generator, alternate light/food sources) And so on.

An emergency becomes a disaster when you are not prepared for it or cannot survive the consequences (physically or mentally). Lets face it, there is one event in each of our lives we will not survive, since we will all die of something. No point in helping that event come sooner than it must. Be prepared, train, stock up, practice-practice-practice, then carry on knowing you've given it your best. A sense of humor can also be invaluable and it rides very light in your pack. Try to avoid getting cranked up over the small stuff.

Some things you can't affect or change, some things you can. Try to stay focused on the things you can.

My $.02,
RokJok...I think your $.02 is worth more like $16.00, at least for me. I find a lot of value in what you say, especially about the Boy Scout Motto. A number of our nations are addressing the issue of the global enviroment (wilderness)from a political,human and theoritical or scientific standpoint. And I believe we are making "some" progress.

I could not agree more with you that real prepardness and significant progress, in the final analysis, starts with each of us!! Today I will try to waste less, tomorrow I will plant a tree and everyday try my best to help myslef and others as best I can. On my honor.
Big-Target has the right idea.
You should find a NIV(New International Version, methinks that means) Holy Bible.
This is all documented there.
It will also tell you about what is YET to come.
I recommended the NIV version as it is less confusing to most people. It's plain English without all the old "King's English" terminology we do not use in this "Modern Age".
It is most certainly eye opening reading.


BTW, prepare to be very surprised as you read it.
Your advice is easily worth $200 to me.

Thanks for the sound advice on different emergency situations.

A lot of people can benefit from your clear-thinking.