login timeout

Nov 10, 2006

I've noticed that after a certain amount of idle time (probably after a few hours) I have to log in again. Is there a way to change/disable this timeout, as I tend to have the computer on 24/7 with BF in a firefox tab, so I often find that I've been logged out, which is pretty annoying.
It doesn't happen on other sites that I'm logged in to, even with the same amount of idle time.
If there's no way to change it, it's no huge problem; I'll write a greasemonkey script to do it automatically (and post it here).

No need for a script, when you login, make sure the Remember me check box is checked/filled in. That way an encrypted hash key is stored in your cookies and you're logged in for 365 days or until the next major software upgrade.
thanks, I'll try that.

I'm sure I've tried it before without success, but that could be to do with either my net connection (via university), or my firefox settings, which I'll examine.

thanks for the reply.
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