Lonesome Pine Knives' "Battle Bowie"

Jan 12, 2000
It's a 9 1/2" double-edged fighting bowie. It's designer/maker is a boar hunting guide and used it to hunt boars. Anyone familiar with it? And if so, what do you think of it? Thanks, in advance, for any help.

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Its made by Larry Harley and there are production models made by Paragon also. Not sure if Harley has a website though he's on line a lot so he must have one. He also advertises in BLADE.
If you want one, save your money and buy the real thing from Larry Harley. The procuction model is junk. Anyone that was going to purchase a "battle bowie" for its intended purpose shouldnt be trying to save a buck or two for a far inferior product.

Larry makes them in ATS 34 and L-6 as standard models. He makes 2 standard sizes, one about 7.5" blade the other about a 10" blade.

He doesnt have a web site, but you can find him occasionally at swordforum.com, in the swordsmith section.

Im at work and dont have his # handy, if you want it and cant find it, email me and i will send it to you.

Thanks, Matt.

PS if you call Larry, be prepared for some talking.
or his e-mail address is :
hrlyblade@aol.com, be warned that 20 letters is a long e-mail from him, although he can say more in those 20 letters then you'd imagine

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