Long Term Blade Storage

Dec 19, 1998

Does anyone have any tips on long term blade storage? Factors to consider are, fixed blades, folders, and autos. Blade steel, handle material, springs etc. Is there a coating you can apply to protect the blade for a long period? How about protecting sheaths, etc. The knives I'm talking about may be very expensive collectors or just a knife with sentimental value that you want to pass on.


I coat my blades with marine Tuff-Cloth from Sentry Solutions. It is very effective in preventing rust.

For my fixed blades that have leather sheaths, I store them out of the sheath in zippered knife cases. Leather sheaths can tarnish the blade and brass/nickel guards.


I wonder about those new fangled "gun bags". The plastic that releases corrosion inhibitors and moisture absorbent, and are supposed to prevent corrosion for three years or so? I think Bianchi sells some, and I think I saw someone else had added them in their line of gun chemicals

Not for the sheath of course, but for the knives perhaps.

And should these items be put in relatively airtight containers after preparation? I live in a humid area, and sealing these kinds of things up seems to be required for long term storage, too.