Long term durability of Cold Steel American Lawman (and AK 47, Recon 1)

Nov 27, 2012
Hi all

Hope nobody minds me asking a couple of questions regarding the long term durability of the Cold Steel American Lawman

I got this knife recently as a graduation present, so its special to me already, but I want to use it for a long time (years), and will use it a lot. I love this knife, how solid it is, and have inspected it in atomic detail. I noticed a few things that might bother me:

First: The knife has no steel liners, just plain G10, which means the stop pin and rocker arm pin sit only on the G10. Because of this, in my mind the G10 around the pins will wear faster than steel liners through use, which means play will develop, but has anyone owned this knife, or the similar knives (AK 47, Recon 1) long enough to have this happen? Or am I just being too obsessive about it?

Second: This doesn't bother me as much as the above, but the blade sits fairly shallow in the handle when closed, and doesn't seem to have much room for wear through continued sharpening, which means at some point the tip of the blade will stick out the handle after wearing and poke holes in your pants and leg, but this is purely how one sharpens a knife. I'll hone this blade where ever I can to slow down the blade wearing to that point, but my question is, has anyone had one of these knives for long enough for that to happen yet? And how long did it take?




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Sep 29, 2012
One of my guys has a lawman that he uses on the job. We do restoration work so lots of cutting and prying of weird and tough things. One day we were in a office building working on some drywall that was built on the soft metal studs. My worker was having a hard time pulling one of the screws that attract the steel steel studs together. So he pulled out his lawman and proceeded to nail that blade into the steel with a 28oz hammer to cut that screw loose. Worked like a charm and I have too say that AUS8 held up fine and there were only like dings on the end of the g-10 handle. It really surprised me how well that lawman held up to that type of abuse. That sold me on the Cold Steel lawman and their g-10.
Jan 6, 2013
I have a lawman and a mini lawman and talwar. None of mine have blade play. I've had my lawman for....I think a little over 2 year's and it's great. I still use it from time to time. The g10 will wear down alot but it still rocks. Still really grippy. Your right about the stop pin and g10 tho. My mini lawman developed play after the first week I got it. Right after I took it apart to clean and take teflon off, the g10 seem's to be popping just ever so slightly outward. I can push it back tight and its good again but its annoying. My other 2 r just fine tho. Hey if you love the lawman so much. I would get a second one! That's what I had to do with the para2. That way you can have one to just fondle or easy use. Then the other to do harder work with and not worry about it getting play or messed up at all. I found some new lawman's for 40 buck's on e-bay!
Apr 11, 2014
I have both the lawman, love it, and the recon 1 tanto and I have to say these knives can take some serious abuse. I've accidentally dropped my recon one from my house's roof top, one story building, while it was open and all that happened was the g10 was a little banged up and a small chip in The blade from when it slip after impacting the concrete. My point is these can take some serious use if it needs to
Apr 7, 2012
Any product made by Cold Steel is very durable. I don't own a Lawman but I do own a Spartan and a Rajah 2. I own several other brands of knives but don't bother to take them out any more. For the price, it's hard to match or beet Cold Steels quality or durability.