Long term report CRKT S2?

Dec 2, 1999
Hi All,

Would someone volunteer to give a long term report on the CRKT S2?

I was thinking of ordering a new smaller
S2 in a few days.

Not much of a "long" long term report, but I've had my smaller S2 for some time now. I always thought the big one was way too big for me anyways, but this one is just right.

Mine has primarily seen duty as an in pocket knife, with the clip removed, as I don't like clips on smaller knives. Plus, the S2 is so light and thin, it's best to just drop it in my pants pocket anyway, as a knife clipped to my pants would be no-no where I work. When I first got it, I used it constantly- mail, boxes, cord, nylon cable straps (small ones), fruit, and various plastic bags that defied being torn open by hand. In fact, I used it pretty hard, but then I just let the blade get really dull and put it away. Then it was on to something else!

Mine's a plain edged 7501 FWIW, and now that I look at it again, I guess it is a pretty nice smaller knife. Ti and AS-34 are always welcome, IMHO. The quality is there, nothing stands out as being an obvious omission or oversight, and it seems to perform just fine. Mine has a really crisp detent upon closing the the blade, which I've always been partial to. The blade action is plenty smooth, and feels rock-solid, with no discernable play. The lock up is strong, although I've never cared for CRKT design of the locking bar. (guess the handle shape has a lot to do with it though...)

I'm happy with mine, it's not the centerpiece of my collection, but if you can score a good deal on one, I'd say go for it.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DaveH:
I was thinking of ordering a new smaller
S2 in a few days.</font>
I've got the smallest. The clip is worse than useless, as the thumb studs catch on whatever you clip it to, so I've got a hole in my pocket which shouldn't be there. It's small enough that I don't think the clip is needed anyway, but if I'd wanted to use the clip I'd be very disappointed.
Otherwise OK, but I wouldn't pay that much again for it.

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I've had mine (7501) for six months or so, it's a great little knife. The clip works fine for me, but I only clip to my belt. I also carry it in the change pocket of my jeans. $56.00 is a good price.